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Being a Pastor Is Not a Choice, but a Calling?

Key Good Habits of a Pastor

The first and probably the most important habit is the competently composed pastor resume. God has a clear path for everyone. There are no coincidences. To meet a specific person – it depends on the will of God. But how we react to this meeting is up to us. Every person we meet on the way is a gift from God, therefore, in order to reveal their full potential and understand their purpose, we need to systematize everything, and then – the will of God. For example, if a person wants to become a pastor of a church in another state and does not know how to do it, because the main problem is writing a resume. Therefore, there are many services that are happy to help pave the right path to the goal. On this site you will learn how to get any job in another state, preparing it wisely. Experienced professionals will help you achieve what you want!

Then, as a second habit, there should be a well-defined schedule to maintain the correct regimen. After all, if you devote your life to God and want to participate in various ministries, then the day turns out to be quite busy. You need to be very organized to do everything.

good habits of a pastor

The third and very important habit is to start the day by reading the Bible, because all this fuss and routine consumes us.

The fourth habit is to devote time to sports. This profession involves more mental stress than physical.

Fifth, it’s more of a skill than a habit. It is to be able to say no, to know your comfort zone.

And the last one is getting up early: if a person wants to keep up with all the previous points, he needs to get up early.

Should a pastor follow fashion?

He should be modern. During the study, no officialdom is required. More and more non-believing youth do not accept the official style, sometimes with prejudice towards those who dress like that.

At the moment, the official style is diverse. You can look representative in jeans and a jacket or in trousers and sneakers. The main thing is to be neat.

How about humor, is it permissible for the pastor?

This is a very provocative question: what is legal and what is used are slightly different. In principle, intellectual, sharp, sometimes sarcastic humor is allowed. Vile and black humor is unacceptable. In any case, you need to consider who you are joking with, whether it offends the person.

Is humor appropriate for sermons?

Of course! It is even useful if it is used carefully: without hurting people or denigrating the name of God and the church. When a preacher steps into the pulpit, a great responsibility is automatically placed on him. Therefore, it is imperative to ask the Lord in prayer for wisdom. In the example of Jesus Christ, we see that He used in his sermons both allegory and hyperbole in order to ridicule something bad.

Are there any downsides to being a pastor?


Of course, there are certain difficulties in the life of one who has chosen the path of serving the Lord. Probably, the disadvantage of this profession is the lack of understanding of the unbelieving environment.

But still, this is very individual. If you like what you do, you will not care about the opinions of others. The downside is the other people’s lack of understanding.

Should a pastor have a secular college degree?

This is optional, but highly encouraged. After all, then a person has certain life experience and skills that may be useful to him.

As Ellen White writes, all pastors must have some skill besides preaching. We are living in the end times, and someday there will come a time when the church organization will not be able to sponsor the families of ministers. The pastor, as the head of the family, will have to be able to feed her in such a situation.

Many people, including parishioners of the church, associate pastoral ministry with low wages and a rather modest lifestyle. But initially you should understand one thing: when you go to the service, you must understand that you are serving God. Accordingly, the Lord will not leave you if you completely trust Him. The minister will be neither poor nor needy, but you should not count on excess either. The level of wealth for all people is different, and in the life of a pastor, of course, there is everything you need: housing, food, medical care, funds for teaching children. All you really need is God willing.

Should a future pastor follow current worldly trends?

The word “follow” doesn’t seem quite appropriate. It is necessary to be aware of what is happening, so to speak in the subject. To reach a person in a language he understands, you need to understand how and about what to start a conversation with him. It happens much faster and more successfully if you understand the latest trends sufficiently. The same modern TV shows that young people are interested in can dispose of a person to a conversation.

If we choose to completely withdraw from this world, it will be difficult for us to maintain a conversation with young people. Yes, of course, we need to carefully approach the choice of what we watch and read, but even for our own development, it is sometimes useful to study something like that.

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